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  1. Keep locking lugs and cocking cam lubricated with a good high pressure grease, such as Nulon LM90 or MoS2.
  2. Always full-length size your cases, I recommend a Redding body die for this.
  3. Make sure you have your die adjusted correctly to allow effortless bolt closure, this means a case shoulder "bump" of .002" maximum. This will ensure maximum case life and no galling of the bolt lugs with NO loss of accuracy.
  4. Replace your firing pin spring regularly, a weak spring can cause inconsistent ignition resulting in an elevation group. This will occur before miss-fires start to happen.
  5. De-cock the bolt after a day's shooting is completed. Never store the bolt "cocked".
  6. Always follow a good barrel cleaning routine, taking great care to control your cleaning rod correctly. Rifle barrels should be cleaned at waist level, the cleaning rod should be guided thorough the bore with your finger and thumb, and used in a horizontal manner. Incorrect rod use WILL result in barrel throat damage - a rod guide will NOT prevent this.
  7. If your barrel is polygonal rifled, take care that the cleaning rod rotates with the rifling. Due to the polygonal rifling form, which has no corners and is deliberately rounded, the brush and jag may tend to "skip" over the lands and grooves causing incomplete cleaning and possible damage to the rifling.