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This method is for correctly run in STAINLESS STEEL barrels.

  • Straight one piece cleaning rod.
  • Bronze brush.
  • Nylon brush.
  • Bore solvent (Short Scrub & Bore-Tech Eliminator).
  • JB bore paste.
  • Flannelette (four-by-too).
  • Oil. (Penetrine).
    Barrels should be cleaned at 30 to 40 round intervals. Dry bronze brush at the end of the day's shooting. Apply Short Scrub bore solvent with bronze brush; remove with 4x2 wrapped around nylon or worn bronze brush. Repeat until patch comes out without black discoloration. Follow up with BoreTech Eliminator solvent on a nylon brush, patch out after a 15 min soak this will remove any residual copper fouling. Barrels should not be fired dry, so now using a brush wrapped with four-by-too, apply a thin coat of oil to the bore. Dry the chamber thoroughly before firing.

    It has been found beneficial to run a litre of boiling water through the barrel every 100 rounds or so before the above cleaning procedure (highly recommended) then clean while barrel is hot. This seems to facilitate the removal of the "powder glaze" deposits (the dry bronze brushing mentioned above helps with this too). This fouling can be difficult (almost impossible) to remove if allowed to build up. This process can be dispensed with if you shoot "molly" or HBN coated bullets.

    I recommend using JB bore cleaning paste every 200 rounds or so, and about 10 or 15 passes will usually do. This is highly recommended during the first 400 rounds and after 2,000 rounds. If used correctly, this will benefit the barrel's internal finish, without ANY detrimental effect. It is most important to thoroughly remove all traces of the paste with a bronze brush & solvent before firing.

    It is also most important to apply a smear of extreme pressure grease (such as MoS2 or Nulon LM 90) to the bearing surfaces of the locking lugs & cocking cam of the bolt each time the barrel is cleaned.
    Please note, I do not endorse the use of any ammoniated solvents in stainless steel barrels after run in. My recommended "copper" solvent for stainless steel barrels is Bore Tech Eliminator.

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