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This method is to correctly run in STAINLESS STEEL barrels.

  • Powder solvent e.g. Short Scrub.
  • Copper Solvent e.g. Bore Tech Eliminator or Sweets.
  • Oil.
  • Metho.
  • A straight cleaning rod.
  • 4 X 2 (flannelette).
  • Bronze brush.
  • Nylon brush.
    Fire one shot, scrub the bore with powder solvent and bronze brush. Using the nylon brush as a cleaning jag, remove the solvent with 4x2. Then pass a patch moistened with metho through the barrel to remove all traces of powder solvent.

    Using a clean 4x2 patch on the nylon brush, saturate the bore with the copper solvent, soak for 5 to 10 minutes, remove. Repeat until the patches come out clean (no blue colour). Remove all traces of solvent with metho. Lightly oil the bore.

    Repeat the above process 9 times (10 shots in all).

    The "blue" color on the patches will usually disappear after 4 to 8 shots.

    Clean the bore in the same manner as above after each stage (10 to 12 shots) for at least 100 rounds. A correctly run in match grade stainless steel barrel will not require ammoniated (Sweets) copper solvent after the first 100 rounds, after this 100 round break in period, the barrel should shoot 36 + rounds between cleanings.

    If you hand load, I highly recommend that new brass be used with a new barrel & chamber. It is most important to make certain that your reloading dies are correctly adjusted. If they are not, the life expectancy of your brass and/or action will be dramatically reduced. I also highly recommend full length resizing your cases each time they are loaded. This does not affect the life of the cases provided the dies are adjusted correctly and can in fact enhance accuracy.

    Firing pin springs should be replaced every 1500 to 2000 rounds. Weak firing pin springs are often the cause of varying elevation groups.

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